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Energy and environment have always been closely related to one another. In the past few decades, the implications of the close relation between energy and environment have become more noticeable, as the sustainable development of all nations world wide is indiscriminately affected.

The outstanding issues concerning the current trends of exploitation of conventional fossil energy resources that must be examined through research include

(a) More efficient conversion and use.
(b) Utilization of alternative renewable resources.
(c) Integrated resource planning based on socio-economic aspects.
(d) Considerations for environmental impacts and global climate.
(e) Energy pricing.
(f) Energy security of supply.


The International Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering (IJEEE) is intended to provide a forum for sharing scientific ideas and development of innovative solutions to address such issues by researchers, professionals, policy makers, and the public at large.

The journal is published quarterly and high quality papers are sought by the international editorial board of the journal.