Modeling the effect of EGR on combustion and pollution of dual fuel engines with flow field model


1 University of Urumia, Iran

2 University of Tabriz, Iran


At the present work, the effect of cold exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) on combustion and pollution of a dual fuel engine has been investigated by CFD code FIRE. The turbulent flow within the combustion chamber is simulated using the k-ε turbulence model, which is modified for engine flows. “Wave” and “Eddy break up” models are employed to predict combustion and spray process. The calculations carried out at the engine speed of 1400rpm and full load mode. The EGR percentage is from zero to 15. The results show that 10% EGR can reduce emissions significantly in comparison with the other cases. The predicted values of cylinder pressure and NOx emission of diesel and dual mode in the baseline state (without EGR) show a good agreement with the experimental data.