Autoignition of gaseous fuels in various oxidizer volumetric compositions in high temperature


Institute of Thermal Technology, The Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland


The paper presents results of experimental studies on the methane and propane ignition process in various volumetric compositions of oxidizers heated to temperatures higher than ignition point of analyzed fuels (HTAC conditions–High Temperature Air Combustion conditions). The increment of temperature DT and the ignition delay time tig are parameters characterizing the process of ignition under these conditions. These parameters are functions of equivalence ratio , temperature of the oxidizer Toxi and the volumetric composition of oxidizer zi. In order to achieve the minimum ignition delay time tig and the maximum increment of the temperature DT, the oxidizer temperature didn’t have to be maximized. There is an interval of Toxi in which analyzed the parameters reaching their extreme values.