An energy saving solution applied to the final use of electrical and lighting systems of school buildings managed by Perugia Province


Department of Industrial Engineering – University of Perugia, Italy


In this paper, a study and design of energy conservation actions and the obtention of Energy Efficiency Titles, according to the Italian Ministerial Decree 20th July 2004, applied to lighting and electrical systems
in a school district managed by Perugia Province (Italy), is presented.
Specifically, the analysis regarded the replacement of neon lamps with high efficiency ones, and the power factor correction of the electrical system with a lower value. The work was carried out through an
energy audit of some school buildings. From the results of this energy audit, project solutions were developed and a technical and economical feasibility study was made.This study was then extended to the whole school building fleet managed by Perugia Province. The results
of this work were validated by a commercial feasibility assessment through an ESCo.